Exploring the best beaches in the treasure coast – Florida, USA

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Florida’s Treasure Coast is a special place with awesome beaches, lots of animals, and a chill vibe that helps you relax and enjoy nature. In this article, we’ll show you around some of the coolest beaches. Each beach has its own magic, making the Treasure Coast a top spot for people who love beaches and nature like us.

1. Jensen Beach

This beach is located in Martin County and it is often referred to as the “Pineapple Capital of the World.” Jensen Beach is a pretty seaside town and is known as one of the most famous beaches in the Treasure Coast. Jensen Beach is a mix of beautiful nature and a cozy small-town feel, making it a perfect place to visit. As you get closer to the beach, you will find beautiful golden sand waiting for you. It is an ideal spot for soaking up the sun, making sandcastles, or just taking a relaxed walk by the water.

The turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean at Jensen Beach are famous for being clear and having gentle waves. Many people like to swim and wade in these waters because it’s a great spot for that. The gradual slope of the shoreline is perfect for families with kids. The water remains shallow close to the shore, providing a safer and more enjoyable playing experience for the kids.

Jensen Beach has a cool thing called the Jensen Beach Causeway. which connects the mainland to Hutchinson Island, where the beach is located. When you drive over the causeway, you will see amazing views of the Indian River Lagoon and the St. Lucie River. It’s a beautiful preview to your day at the beach.

Besides sunbathing and swimming, Jensen Beach is a great place for fishing and boating. The Indian Riverside Park nearby is perfect for picnics, and you might see dolphins or manatees in the river.

Jensen Beach is lively with lots of places to eat, cute shops, and local stores close by. It’s a fun place to check out beyond the beach. You can also watch beautiful sunsets in the evening, making this beach a perfect spot for a romantic evening or a fun day with the family.

2. Stuart Beach

Not far from Jensen Beach is the cute town of Stuart, and it has another lovely beach on the Treasure Coast called Stuart Beach. This beach is famous for its relaxed atmosphere, making it a great place for both people who live nearby and those who are just visiting.

Stuart Beach is awesome for swimming, surfing, or just chilling in the sun. The clean, sandy shores go on for a long way, giving everyone plenty of room to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The beach is well taken care of and has things like bathrooms, showers, and spots for picnics that makes it easy to have a whole day of fun at the beach.

Lots of people come to Stuart Beach for fishing. At Stuart Beach Park nearby, there is a pier where fishermen can try to catch different kinds of fish in the Atlantic Ocean.

After a fun day at the beach, you can check out downtown Stuart. It’s a cool place with lots of history, unique shops, and plenty of places to eat, like seafood spots and places for ice cream. There are also art galleries and cool things to see that show off the town’s artsy side.

3. Bathtub Beach

Bathtub Reef Beach, as the name says, is a really cool natural wonder on Hutchinson Island near Stuart Beach. The beach has a special reef that makes a safe and shallow area in the ocean, like a bathtub. That’s why it’s one of the greatest places in Florida for snorkeling and checking out what’s under the water.

The reef is like a busy underwater neighborhood. There are lots of colorful fish, sea turtles, and plenty of other sea creatures living there. The water here is super clear, so it’s perfect for taking awesome pictures underwater. You can snorkel by the reef and see amazing coral shapes and colorful fish.

The shallow and calm waters are great for families with kids. They can splash around and play in the safe and shallow part of the ocean, like a big bathtub. It’s a unique and safe experience that offers both children and adults the chance to get up close and personal with the underwater world. The reef’s edge slowly gets deeper, so it’s good for everyone who wants to swim or snorkel, no matter their skill level.

For those who prefer to stay dry, there’s a designated picnic tables and shaded pavilions for a beachfront picnic. There are bathrooms and outdoor showers to keep you comfortable for a fun day at the beach.

4. Pepper Park Beach

Pepper Park Beach in Fort Pierce is like a secret treasure along the Treasure Coast. It’s calm and beautiful, perfect if you want a peaceful beach without lots of people. The park’s named after Senator Claude D. Pepper, who helped make it awesome.

The beach at Pepper Park is super natural and untouched. There are clean sandy shores lined with swaying plants and native trees. It’s a perfect place for taking long walks, watching birds, or just chilling out with a good book.

The clear waters invite visitors to swim, and there’s an adjacent playground for children, making it a great choice for families. You can walk on a boardwalk by the beach and see amazing ocean views, especially during sunset. And there are places to have picnics with barbecue grills if you want to eat by the beach.

The park has a cool spot with trees called a coastal hammock. You can see lots of different birds and take pictures of them. It’s a peaceful place for nature lovers and photographers who want to capture the local animals.

Pepper Park Beach is awesome for water sports like windsurfing and kiteboarding because of the steady ocean winds. They even have a special place for setting up and getting your gear ready.

For those eager to explore the area further, the nearby Fort Pierce Inlet State Park offers hiking trails, fishing opportunities, and wildlife viewing. The park is home to an array of bird species and is a significant stopover point for migratory birds.

5. Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge

Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge is a unique and unspoiled coastal treasure located on Jupiter Island, just south of Stuart. Covering more than 1,000 acres, this refuge offers a diverse and pristine natural environment where visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of Florida’s wilderness.

The refuge has different parts, each with its own special feel. The beach area is particularly breathtaking, with miles of untouched shoreline bordered by crystal-clear waters. It’s not like the usual beach – it’s a private and natural paradise where you can really feel close to nature.

Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge is home to a remarkable variety of wildlife, including nesting sea turtles and migratory birds. From March to October, you might see sea turtles coming to the beach to lay their eggs. It’s an amazing and touching sight! The refuge takes its role in protecting these endangered animals seriously, and there are guided turtle walks and educational programs during nesting season.

The beaches are super clean because people work hard to keep them that way. There aren’t regular things like showers or places to have picnics, but what you’ll see is nature at its best. It’s a spot to get away from busy life, forget about phones and computers, and just enjoy the peaceful sounds of the waves and the swaying plants.

Walking on the trails in the refuge is really cool. The Hobe Mountain Trail takes you to a tall tower where you can see all around – the ocean, the Intracoastal Waterway, and the different nature areas in the refuge. It’s perfect if you like watching birds or taking pictures.

If you love taking pictures or just really like nature, this place is a goldmine for you. Everywhere you look, from plants to birds that live here or just pass by, there’s something awesome to capture with your camera.

In short, Florida’s Treasure Coast has a lot of different beaches to explore. From family-friendly ones like Jensen Beach and Stuart Beach to special places like Bathtub Reef Beach, quiet spots like Pepper Park Beach, and wild areas like Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge. No matter if you want relaxation, water fun, nature, or just a peaceful time, there’s a beach here for you. These amazing beaches are waiting for you to visit and have fun, mixing nature and outdoor adventures perfectly. So, grab your sunscreen and beach stuff, and head to the Treasure Coast for an awesome beach trip you’ll remember!

This post may contain affiliate links which means if you purchase a product with the link that we provide we may receive a small commission at no additional charge to you! Learn more on our Private Policy page.

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