about us

Hi! We're Kevin & Merli

We are two eager adventurers and dedicated Florida travelers. We love exploring the sunshine state and we have made our mission to uncover hidden gems, breathtaking landscapes, get into the local culture and create unforgettable memories along the way. 

Occasionally, we will embark on journeys beyond Florida’s borders, venturing into visiting other states to discover new experiences and expand our travel horizons.

Get ready to be inspired and enchanted by our incredible travels memories.

Get recommendations on places that we have experienced

Looking for travel recommendations that are tried and true? Look no further! We are here to share our firsthand experiences and expert insights from our countless travel trips. Our journies have taken us far and wide, allowing us to discover hidden gems, must-visit attractions, delectable eateries and off the beaten path adventures. Whether you are looking for a quiet beachside, a thrilling outdoor adventure, or a culturally enriching city escape, we have got you covered.

Our future travel projects include further travel and exploration of Florida, then eventually visits to our home countries of Peru and England.  Within Florida we plan to revisit and further explore  places we have already been.  We find that each visit comes along with a special memory and learning experience.

Get ready to embark on your next unforgetable journey with our invaluable travel tips and recommendations.